Executive Board

Presidents & Vice-Presidents

President, Clarence Nywening

is a broiler-breeder operator and cash cropper from the Thamesville area. He has long been involved in leadership positions at the local and provincial level with a number of organizations, such as the Broiler-Breeder Association, Cadets and the Chatham-Kent Christian Farmers Association.

Vice-President, Richard Blyleven

is an egg and crop producer from Haldimand County. Richard comes with much experience, having served on many boards in the past, including the Ontario Wheat Producers Marketing Board. He was chair of AgCare from 2006 to 2010.

 Vice-President, John Kikkert

is a chicken and turkey producer from Smithville. John has previously served as President for the CFFO from 2003-2009. He has also served on the Chicken Farmers of Ontario, the Turkey Farmers of Ontario and the Farm Animal Council boards. John is currently a member of the AAC corporate governance committee.


The CFFO also has a full slate of qualified directors.

Bethanee Jensen

is a sheep producer in Huron County, raising purebred Dorsets primarily for breeding stock. A former accountant, Bethanee has served as president of the Western Ontario Lamb Producers Association, as an Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency delegate and as a leader of the North Huron 4-H Sheep Club.

Peter Peeters

is a beef producer from Omemee. Peter also boasts Ontario’s largest purebred herd of Pinzgauer cattle, a docile breed hailing from Austria. Peter is the president of the Victoria County Cattlemen Association and a member of the local Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

Ed Scharringa

is a grower of specialty crops near Rockton. He is active in greenhouse and outdoor cut flower production for Canadian and U.S. markets and previously owned and operated a farm retail division.

Henry Stevens

is a broiler producer and cash cropper from the Palmerston area. He has been an active member of his church and has served on the boards of both the local Christian elementary school and the district Christian high school. He has also served three terms on his local municipal council, as well as numerous agricultural commodity boards and committees. Henry served two years as the CFFO president from 2010-2011.

John Bos

resides in the Cambridge area and is part of a multi-generational family farm with dairy and pork as their main commodities. This is the first time John is a part of the CFFO Executive Board, but he brings a lot of experience as a member of other boards.