The Future of Farming

Sharing Stories of Farm Innovation at CFFO Policy Tour

“For the CFFO, ag innovation is an intersection between profitability for our members and building public trust,” explains Suzanne Armstrong, Director of Research and Policy. “This year, we’re looking at ways our members can introduce innovations on their farms. Our goal is to share information—both between neighbours and province-wide.”

Until April, staff and board members will be leading meetings across Ontario, presenting research from the 2017 CFFO Water Stewardship Workshop. Members will learn new information on, for example, subsurface drip irrigation for corn, livestock watering in remote locations, and even environmental forecasting for select commodities up to 2050.

We’re also taking a close look at soil stewardship. With the release of the draft Action Plan on Soil Health from OMAFRA, soil is a major focus for policy implementation.

Soil stewardship is under increasing public scrutiny. CFFO is seeking information from members on their soil stewardship, soil testing practices, and ideas for incentivizing soil care.

“We thrive on the information-sharing that goes on when our members meet, debate ideas, and offer solutions that we can bring to government in our policy work,” says CFFO President Clarence Nywening.

Staff and board representatives began travelling across the province for Policy Tour in 20??, meeting members from every district and gaining on-the-ground feedback.

Several districts are still waiting to hold their Policy Tour and district Annual Meeting. You can find upcoming dates on our web calendar, or contact the CFFO head office for information.

Posted by cffoadmin on February 26, 2018