June 2012: Middlesex CFA- Resolution on Wind Turbines

WHEREAS wind turbines are large and expensive structures, and

WHEREAS there is no obligation for the constructor or original owner to maintain ownership throughout its productive life, and

WHEREAS turbines may be owned by companies lacking the financial capacity to decommission

them at the end of their working life


THAT the CFFO promote the idea that the constructor of each turbine place a significant amount of money (i.e. ten per cent of the cost of the turbine) on deposit with the local municipality, to be held by the municipality for the duration of each turbine’s lifespan and to either be used to decommission1 the turbine or be returned to the owner of the turbine upon complete decommissioning of the turbine.

THAT the municipality be able to collect the deposit over the first five years of operation of the turbine from the revenue generated.

THAT the CFFO lobby the provincial government to develop a regulation under the Green

Energy and Green Economy Act that makes it a requirement for a deposit mandatory.

Adopted by

CFFO Provincial Council

June 27, 2012

1 Decommissioning does not include removal of its base.

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Posted by bds on June 21, 2015