Fit Resolution

Whereas the CFFO believes that green energy needs to be part of the long-term energy mix in Ontario

Whereas the CFFO supports the development of programming that achieves sustainability on a triple bottom line basis – economic, social and environmental

Whereas the development and approval of FIT projects is proceeding at nearly triple the pace originally outlined in Ontario’s Long-term Energy Plan

Whereas the current approach to developing feed-in tariff projects under the Green Energy Act in Ontario is socially unsustainable1

Whereas some economic gains for a few people in Ontario, and small environmental gains for all Ontarians, are not worth pursuing if the cost is the sacrifice of the social fabric of rural communities

Therefore be it resolved

That the CFFO will only support solar FIT and wind FIT energy projects that are approved by and are to the benefit of the community and the municipality.

Further Considerations:

That the approval of FIT projects be halted and then resumed after a more equitable, transparent approach can be developed

That the current land-use considerations for the placement of Wind FIT projects be re-evaluated to reduce their placement on prime farmland

That the current land use considerations for the placement of Solar FIT projects be re-evaluated to disallow their placement on prime farmland (class 1-3) as well as the best farmland in a localized region even if it is classified below class 3

1 Communities are being torn apart by wind turbine proposals. Neighbour is turning against neighbour. Churches are being torn apart. Gag orders as part of contracts are preventing communication between neighbours and preventing rural residents from working together. The Samsung deal has created a playing field that disadvantages local production projects. Solar FIT projects are proceeding on high quality land despite rules to the contrary, as well as creating situations where the land-rental base of farmers in Class 4 or worse land is being quickly eroded.

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Posted by bds on May 23, 2015