Farmland Preservation

What is the Issue?

The CFFO is concerned about the long-term protection of our best farmland for farming.

Why does it matter?

At the global level, agriculture faces the challenge of feeding 9 billion people by 2050. In Ontario, we will be adding nearly 3 million people to the Greater Golden Horseshoe region by 2030. Feeding the world, feeding Ontario, and finding homes for all these people is a significant challenge for planners and politicians.

The CFFO believes that the land should be set to its best purpose. The best food growing land should be tasked with growing food. The most naturally sensitive land should be dedicated to nature. The land that is not particularly well suited to either of these purposes should be a place for houses and condos. Unfortunately, without government intervention the situation that exists is that farmland will be converted to low-density housing as long as it is more profitable to build outward on the landscape rather an upward.

What Commitments does CFFO want to see?

The CFFO wants:

  • Our political parties to commit to strengthening the protection of agricultural lands throughout the province by requiring municipalities outside the greater golden horseshoe to apply “smart growth” principles to their planning approach.
  • For farmers within the Greater Golden Horseshoe, to develop a vision for what agriculture can be within the near urban environment and the development of the changes needed to make it happen