CFFO Agri-Day: Experience Bee Farming in Niagara

This year, the CFFO is pleased to be hosting our annual Agri-Day in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Agri-Day is inspired by the diversity of Ontario agriculture. Our goal is to offer members and others opportunities to experience this diversity firsthand.

This year, we’re celebrating Ontario’s rich history of bee farming, in coordination with the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association. On August 27, guests will visit several local apiaries that illustrate the wide range of bee farms in the province.

B-Y’s Honey Farm is a fifty-acre, family-owned bee farm with a mission of making a difference in the honey bee population. Here, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about beekeeping and the work of raising healthy honey bees for the betterment of our environment.

Charlie Bee Honey is one of the largest apiaries in Ontario. It began with a 13-year-old boy keeping a hive or two in Hamilton and is now a multi-generational farm, running almost 10,000 hives. Here, guests will tour one of the largest honey extraction lines in Canada.

Also on the tour is Rosewood Estates Winery, which produces its own raw, unpasteurized honey to make award-winning meads. Guests will tour the winery, visit the bees and learn how mead is made.

The day’s events will also include presentations and tours at Niagara College, which offers Eastern Canada’s first-ever Commercial Beekeeping Program. Niagara College is working to meet the global demand for thousands of commercial beekeepers over the next decade.

Over the course of the day, CFFO guests will learn much about the history of Ontario bee farming, challenges the industry faces and opportunities for the future. This fun-filled tour is for the whole family! Registration is open until Friday, August 23, and space is limited. You can register online at Hope to see you there!

Posted by Marie Versteeg on August 15, 2019

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  • Marcia Sexsmith says:

    what a wonderful day,,thankyou soooo much,,info was relavant to my beginner beekeeping experience…hospitality and food was beyond abundant and delicious,,,lovely group of people,,grateful

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