IMPORTANT: Changes to Farm Business Registration

Proposed Farm Business Registration Annual Membership Payment Increase

OMAFRA is proposing an amendment to the Farm Registration and Farm Organizations Funding Act (O. Reg. 723/93) to introduce a stepped payment increase. In 2016, Ontario’s farm organizations, including the CFFO, asked the ministry to increase the annual Farm Business Registration (FBR) payment amount. This proposal represents the first payment increase in over seven years, and the farm organizations have engaged and secured support from their membership for this increase.

These changes would provide the farm organizations with a predictable and stable income, helping them continue to support and represent farmers and advocate on behalf of the industry — all of which helps support the continued growth of Ontario’s agri-food sector.

OMAFRA is currently seeking comments from the farming community on this proposed increase. You can find more information about the proposal, and post your comments, here.


General Information

CFFO Membership via Farm Business Registration Program – AGRICORP

​​All farm businesses in Ontario that gross $7,000 or more annually are required by law to register their farm business with Agricorp.

There are a number of benefits to registering your farm business:

  • Farm property class tax rate – You may qualify to pay 25 per cent of the municipal residential rate on your agricultural land.
  • Eligibility for government programs – You are eligible for programs including the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program and Growing Forward 2 initiatives.
  • Membership with the CFFO an accredited farm organization

​​​​For new FBR regist​rations

If you are registering for the first time, please contact Agricorp​ to register and choose CFFO for your accredited farm organization.

You will need to send them your proof of income, including your T1 (for individuals) or T2 (for corporations).

When they have received this information, they will phone you back to provide you with your FBR number and payment options.

For renewi​​ng your FBR registration

Once you have registered your farm business, they will send you an invoice each year.

To renew your FBR registration, pay your fee by March 1.


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