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Information for Farmers in Crisis

  • Queens Bush Rural Ministries has the mandate of helping farmers survive crisis with dignity. A telephone based referral service, they have been providing support,advice and resources to farmers since 1986.

            If you are in crisis:

            Call 1-866-902-7828 or visit Queen’s Bush Ministries.


  • The Farm Line is a confidential telephone emotional support line and referral service provided to farmers and farm families in the province of Ontario.

                If you are in crisis:

               Call 1-888-451-2903 (Mon to Fri – 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)


  • Farm Debt Mediation Service offers financial counselling and mediation services to farmers who are having difficulties meeting their financial obligations. It is a free, voluntary and confidential service. Read more.

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